A family owned business established in 1986.

We specialize in all custom cabinetry for Kitchen, Bath, Wall units etc. We also carry an excellent line of a high quality but competitively priced stock cabinet line that has been constantly growing in sales because like all our products do not have flakeboard or any similarly inferior products. We also custom fabricate and install(our staff) all types of countertops-Granite, Corian, Formica, Stainless steel. Our 20 years in business is your assurance of our abilities. Give us an opportunity and you will see why.

Stairs Installation

The installation of hardwood flooring on steps or stairs should only be considered by someone that has the experience. In most cases solid treads and risers are installed which generally calls for removal of the existing substrate for the stairs themselves. However in some cases, you may find pre assembled stair cases where the entire unit is mortised together. The time and mess involved, not to mention cost, may be prohibitive in replacing the entire system.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor is a material that has fascinated humans for thousands of years. Hardwood floor is not only a design choice; it's also an environmental choice. Wood flooring is a renewable resource, environmentally friendly, and can improve the air quality of your home because wood floors don't trap dust, pollen and other allergens. Help save the environment, and improve the health of your family's redecorate with hardwood floors today!


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